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Electric Radio/DJ /‘Don’t Kill Live Music’ Petition Racks Up 100,000+ Signatures


‘Don’t Kill Live Music’ Petition Racks Up 100,000+ Signatures

More than 100,000 people are standing up against the NSW Government’s apparent war on live music. The Don’t Kill Live Music petition on change.org has set a goal of 150,000 signatures, a number within close reach.

The petition starts off suggesting — “Your music is under attack.” This comes as multiple music festivals and events are being downsized or even cancelled. Festivals like Mountain Sounds, which organizers claim was hit with an outrageous fee of $200,000 for police presence just days out from the event.

Don’t Kill Live Music echoes such concerns…

Overbearing regulation, exorbitant police bills, a lack of respect for NSW businesses, and very little recognition of the significant positive impacts of music on our communities is forcing music out of NSW. The State Government has declared war on music and culture in NSW, proclaiming that music and music festivals are high-risk activities.

Music is being killed off by Premier Berejiklian and the LNP. Festivals are being forced to cancel or move interstate.

The Don’t Kill Live Music petition has a set of demands, which signees hope are addressed…

We demand that the State Government:
– Stops killing live music in NSW
– Forms a music regulation roundtable to review all regulation impacting live music
– Immediately undertakes a Regulatory Impact Statement for any regulation impacting music festivals
– Develops an industry standard with full transparency for user-pays policing and medical services
– Works with the music industry to develop robust, effective and achievable safety protocols for festivals

Learn more and sign the petition here.

H/T: Pedestrian

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