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Patrick Meeks

Believe Tuesdays on Electric with Patrick Meeks

London House DJ/Producer and Radio Presenter, Patrick Meeks, returned to music after a 15 year absence.

In 2016 he embarked on a new journey to pursue a DJing and Production career in House Music. Since returning to the industry, he has played in Europe, Egypt and across the UK and also hosts a weekly radio show.

Last year Patrick was busy in the studio, with numerous releases planned for 2020 and co-launching his own label Traded Music the future has more in store for this up-and-coming artist

Patrick Meeks

We are delighted to welcome him to our Believe Tuesdays DJ takeover slot at 8pm tonight. Believe Tuesdays is an organisation dedicated to the promotion  and support of sober clubbing. Every Tuesday on Electric you can hear their team chat about their journeys.

Read more at believetuesdays.co.uk