NewsPioneer OPUS: the next generation all-in-one DJ system πŸ“°

Pioneer OPUS: the next generation all-in-one DJ system πŸ“°

Since the introduction of the all-in-one DJ console, Pioneer have made it easier and (slightly more) affordable to own a DJ setup that carries a selection of key features from their professional range of kit featured in clubs and studios.

They have now refreshed this offering, with a sleek new design and included 4-deck playback bringing this closer to the existing decks and mixers we know and love.

Expected to be out later this month, the new unit has been styled with a sloping deck plate and incorporates eight hot cues as well as customisable full-size jog wheels.

It’s also coupled with all the integrations you’d expect such reckordbox Performance Mode and Serato DJ Pro + 4 USB ports and the option to for bluetooth and WIFI pairing via the rekordbox app or CloudDirectPlay.

It might be too early to add this to our Christmas wish-list, but at just shy of Β£3k ($3199) we best get saving those pennies now.

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