EventsMastering the festival experience: Our essential tips ⛺

Mastering the festival experience: Our essential tips ⛺

Our essential tips for Camping, Glamping, or Day-Tripping this Summer!

As we eagerly anticipate a scorching summer, we’re here to share our expert tips for festival-goers.

Get ready to make the most of your upcoming adventures and follow along with our top festival tips that will help you make the most of the summer 2023 season.

Plan Your Festival Wardrobe in Advance

One common mistake that people make when preparing for a festival is over-packing on clothes. While it can be difficult to choose between your best festival outfits, what you need to remember is that UK festivals are not about fashion.

Unlike US festivals like Coachella or burning man the festivals in the UK are much more about good vibes, good music, and lots of fun, so you don’t need to worry too much about what you are wearing.

If the festival is only three days, then you only need to pack three outfits, with some spare clothes just in case of rain or mud. Choosing outfits beforehand will just make packing a whole lot easier, so this is definitely something we recommend.

Prepare For Changes In The Weather

Festivals in the UK are always a bit of a gamble in terms of weather; even if the forecast says sunshine, you should still prepare for the rain and cold. Even after a bright sunny day, you will likely find that the evenings become chilly, so you should ensure that you pack some layers so you can stay warm throughout the entire day.

Additionally, packing a light rain mac would be a sensible idea as the last thing you want is to be cold and wet for the whole weekend! You can find cheap rain macs in most high street stores, and the majority of them are very light-weight and easy to fold away when you need to.

Bring A Secure Small Bag

When you are wandering around the festivals, it would be a good idea to have a small secure bag with you. Something like a bum bag is perfect for a festival if you can get away with it as a fashion faux par, as it allows you to keep your belongings close and decreases the risk of anything being stolen.

While it may be handy to have a backpack when you are in the large crowds, this can often be seen to be fairly annoying for packed dance floors & someone could easily unzip your bag and steal your stuff, so it is far better to have a bag that sits on your front.

Quality Tent or Mattresses

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! When you’ve had a long day at a festival and perhaps a bit too much to drink, there is nothing better than settling in and having a nice deep sleep. Getting good quality sleep can sometimes be tricky at a festival, but there are ways you can improve your sleep while you are there. Paying a bit extra for a good quality tent & mattress will improve your sleep tremendously as it means you will be protected from the elements

Stock-Up On Food And Drinks

While there is plenty of opportunity to buy food and drink at the festival, often the food stalls can be a little pricey, so we would recommend bringing your own stuff along. At most festivals, you are not allowed to take your own alcohol into the stadium, but you are allowed to drink at your campsite, so you could save some money by pre-drinking before you head into the arenas.

In terms of what food to bring, you will want to take food that isn’t easily perishable. You won’t have access to a fridge, so it is important that the food you bring can be left out without going off. Things like crisps, carrot sticks, hummus, and wraps are all excellent choices for festivals, so this is something we definitely recommend.

You could even go an extra step and bring a camping stove, as this will mean you can boil water and have fresh tea and coffee in the morning. When you are feeling a little worse for wear, sometimes a good cup of tea is the only cure!



IMAGE CREDIT: David Jensen / Alamy Stock Photo