New MusicSpiritual Milk: The new album from Camelphat 🎹

Spiritual Milk: The new album from Camelphat 🎹

After more than a year of hype and anticipation, CamelPhat has dropped their long-awaited second album, “Spiritual Milk.”

It’s been quite a journey since their 2020 release “Dark Matter,” and this new record is like a breath of fresh air. Clocking in at 16 tracks, it’s a bold statement from the British duo, proving they’re more than just “Breathe,” “Panic Room,” and “Cola.”
They’re ready to set the stage for the next era of CamelPhat classics.

For a while, CamelPhat was all about progressive, tech, and deep house, but “Spiritual Milk” takes a piece of each style and mashes them together into a genre-blending masterpiece.

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch their summer sets at Pacha Ibiza, you’d know that their music spans the entire spectrum. From afro-house to melodic techno, they’ve been owning the Ibiza scene, making their 2023 residency one for the books.

The album also packs 13 new songs, including eagerly awaited tracks like “Many Times” with Mathame and Frynn and “Colosuss” with Kölsch, bringing some fresh beats to the stage. The crown jewel, though, is their collaboration with Ali Love on “Compute.” It samples Kraftwerk’s “Computer Love” and adds a high-energy four-on-the-floor kick.

With its unique vocal anthems and a fresh spin on classic sounds, it’s no wonder people are already talking about Grammy nominations for this one. As they put it, “Take the trip & enjoy the ride.”

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Words: James John / Image credit: Anthony Mooney