TechnologyIntroducing My DJ Cloud: The music library back-up service for DJs 🎵

Introducing My DJ Cloud: The music library back-up service for DJs 🎵

My DJ Cloud has been designed for DJs, by DJs, and is the fastest, music-focused backup platform on the market according to reviews.

The service currently works with Serato, Rekordbox and Virtual DJ, automatically backing up all tags, cue points, crate updates, and file edits. It also has a mobile app that allows DJs to access any synced music on their phones!

The Founder said the platform was created in response to a pressing need for a dedicated backup service, protecting against hard drive failure, stolen devices, missing or corrupted backups, and so on.

DJ-specific features:

  • Works with Serato, Rekordbox and Virtual DJ (others coming soon)
  • DJ Metadata Backup: All tags, cue points, crate updates, and file edits are automatically backed up.
  • iTunes Support: My DJ Cloud includes a one-click feature that adds the entire iTunes library to secure cloud storage.
  • Smart Sync: The platform’s smart sync feature triggers backups only when users are not DJing.
  • Emoji Support: This enables DJs to back up their crates that use emojis in the name.
  • Mobile app for streaming: Access and play your music on your mobile, with the ability to search for any of the metadata associated with your music.

The service aims primarily to do one thing and do it well: Back up your DJ music itself, and in addition, all tags, cues, loops, crates, playlists, updates and file edits.

It is designed to make this all effortless for you, by automatically handling everything in the background, once you’ve told it where you keep your music and what DJ software you use (it also supports iTunes/Music for DJs who still organise their music that way).

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Words: Eileen Rooney / Image: My DJ Cloud