New MusicRelease Spotlight: JJ Norton, presenting his debut track “Believe It” 🎧

Release Spotlight: JJ Norton, presenting his debut track “Believe It” 🎧

This week our release spotlight features Jason Jerome Norton, aka JJ Norton, a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-genre producer hailing from Essex!

Over the past year, JJ Norton has been immersed in the world of mixing and mastering, honing his skills and working towards creating tracks that resonate with the masses.

In 2022, he had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the talented electronic Irish producer duo Menrva on a remake of Anthony Hamilton’s classic, “Cornbread Fish and Collard Greens.” The track, titled “Play It Cool,” was released on the renowned Perfect Havoc label, marking a significant milestone in his career. 

Fast forward to now, JJ Norton is beyond excited to present his debut solo track, “Believe It.” 

This gritty dance anthem is packed with positive vibes, reminding us that light emerges from darkness. No matter the circumstances, we have the power to overcome and conquer. Believe in yourself, and success will follow! 

As he continues to evolve as an artist, JJ is eager to collaborate with upcoming talents and producers. “Believe It” has been added to this week’s B-list.

Find out more about JJ Norton here.