NewsSafer States: The new drug safety & harm reduction initiative

Safer States: The new drug safety & harm reduction initiative

Good Night Out, a UK based campaign group has launched Safer States: an initiative centred on drug safety and harm reduction. 

Backed by The Love Tank, Release, and Safe Only, this collaborative effort aims to revolutionise how drug education and resources are provided within nightlife communities.

Yves Suzanne, representing Good Night Out, underscores the significance of maintaining ongoing dialogues surrounding drug safety. With a pulse on the nightlife scene, Good Night Out recognises the vital role these conversations play in promoting safer environments.

This initiative serves a dual purpose: challenging existing stigmas and equipping individuals with practical tools for navigating drug use responsibly. By offering a user-friendly guide tailored to nightlife settings, the project endeavours to empower clubbers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

The guide, meticulously curated by a consortium of experts, will shed light on the most pressing drug risks and dangerous combinations. With a particular focus on prevalent substances such as MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, and NOS, it aims to bridge the gap between information and action, ultimately fostering safer nightlife experiences.

Dani, representing Safe Only Ltd, emphasises the intrinsic link between harm reduction and the LGBTQ+ community. For marginalised groups, harm reduction isn’t just a strategy — it’s a lifeline in a world often hostile to their existence.

For those seeking further information, Safer States serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering insights, support, and a platform for ongoing engagement.

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Words: James John / Image Credit: Safer States