EventsMuseo Discoteca: Italy’s first disco museum to open in Riccione

Museo Discoteca: Italy’s first disco museum to open in Riccione

Italy’s first disco museum, Museo Discoteca (MUDI), is set to open in Riccione on May 19. 

Located in the iconic pyramid-shaped Cocoricò music venue, MUDI will offer a blend of visual art and music, combining performance, design, and sound across various spaces.

The museum will feature contemporary artworks that promise to turn every night into a cultural experience stimulating both the mind and senses, according to a press release.

The grand opening will include a “sensory performance” by musician and designer Filippo Sorcinelli titled ‘Ciao Sex’ in Cocoricò’s unique bathroom. 

The Salò collective will present a performance combining noise, avant-rock, and psychedelia, while erotic brand MySecretCase will provide a mix of sexual education and live entertainment.

Films and documentaries by La Furia Film, Sunset Productions, and Francesco Tavella will be shown in the T-Room, followed by a live poster art exhibition from Sara Leghissa in the Pyramid’s corridors. Animation group Collettivo Colore will take over a secret room, culminating in a “grand finale” in the main room featuring Italian ballroom culture with voguing, a runway, and lip-sync battles.

After the opening event, MUDI will continue to display nearly 30 works by prominent Italian artists, both visual and musical. A digital exhibition will also be launched, extending the museum’s reach into the virtual realm. This summer, Cocoricò will host performances by Ricardo Villalobos, Deborah De Luca, Amelie Lens, and others. 

Register for free tickets to MUDI’s opening event this Sunday here.

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