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Wireless DVS Phase delayed again until the end of March

The thing that I hoped wouldn’t happen has happened. The news has just arrived from MWM that Phase is delayed yet again, and you’re not going to see your alleged needle killer until the end of March.There’s a press release with all the reasons why:PHASE SHIPPING DATE – MARCH 2019Hello All:We have definitive news direct from our factory regarding Phase production and shipping:PHASE DELIVERY SCHEDULEFEBRUARY 25: the factory reopens, and production starts again.MARCH 8:...

The Reloop Elite/ELITƎ mixer — the glue that binds

In the last story, we showed you the new Reloop RP-8000 MK2 ubertable, powered by Serato DJ Pro. And sat right in middle but with ne’er a mention is a pad laden mixer. The Reloop ELITƎ ELITE is that mixer, and it’s the glue that binds a pair of RP-8000 MK2s to make a coherent and complete Serato DJ Pro ecosystem.RELOOP ELITEHIGH PERFORMANCE DVS MIXER FOR SERATOMuenster, 08th January 2019HIGHLIGHTS:High Performance DVS Mixer for...

Phase delayed again — troops are getting restless

Here’s the Phase timeline — the world saw the concept and collectively caused the worst case of GAS ever experienced in the DJ world. Subsequent showings and roadshows have seen further proclamations of it being revolutionary, a game changer, and even a needle and Rane Twelve killer. And then the pre-orders came… and went, followed by sincere apologies from MWM about delaying Phase until November and wanting to absorb user feedback to make Phase...