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Electric Radio/Panasonic


Dear Panasonic — let’s talk about an SL-DZ1200 MK2

The fallout from NAMM 2019 has been immense. The DJ world waited with bated breath to see what the gathered hive mind of media types would think of the new DJ tailored SL-1200/1210 MK7 turntable. Well… hmmm. From a DJ perspective, the feedback has been less than positive. Some of you clearly like what you saw, but our own ProfessorBX lamented the drop in quality. And even the ever-positive Phil Morse from Digital DJ...

Technics7th DJ event at CES 2019 — new product coming?

Much like Bruce Lee on the cover of a martial arts magazine, dropping Technics into a headline on a DJ site is a guaranteed click fest. So you’d think that being in the business of needing eyes on our words, we’d inappropriately crowbar the legendary brand into the most tenuously linked stories. I swear that a ridiculous “five best DJ hats to wear when playing on Technics” listicle would garner serious traffic.But after a...