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Electric Radio/performance


Bring Me the Horizon Cancel US Tour After Lead Singer Oli Sykes Ruptures Vocal Cord

Bring Me the Horizon, photo by Johnny Perilla Bring Me The Horizon brought emo kids and dance music kids together on their latest album amo, which came out earlier this year. The live tour that followed was similarly magical, replete with mosh pits as well as large anthemic, synth-driven moments. Unfortunately, the tour is being cut short as lead singer Oli Sykes says he has ruptured a vocal cord. Thankfully, the band had only a handful...

That thing you saw — it’s called the Akai Force

So Akai Pro — first comes a pictorial leak of a new/old controller/synth/hybrid – umm something, then a mysterious triple threat warning that your new product will allow me to Produce, something, Perform….That thing is Force* (note: there are so many Star Wars directions this article has gone down in its draft forms that I’ll just leave it there) a standalone production instrument which will apparently smash “previous limitations of musical production”.*NOTE TO ALL...