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So yea, that Technics SL1200mk7… oh boy

I remember NAMM 2005 very well. I had reviewed the SL-DZ1200, and gave it a less than glowing recommendation. At the time, Skratchworx was about the only game in town, so getting the cold shoulder and subsequent freeze-out from the brand over that review was kind of a big deal.Even though the DJ media world has gotten larger, writing this I’m getting flashbacks. When the new DJ-oriented 1200 was announced, I was excited. While...

Technics Reveals Brand New SL-1200MK7, But It’s Missing A Price Tag

Today, Technics has officially unveiled its long-awaited Direct Drive Turntable, known as the SL-1200MK7. This marks the launch of the first new standard DJ turntable in approximately nine years. As the go-to choice for many DJs all over the world, the SL-1200 Series has kept a dominant presence on the global music scene. Today, the brand continues to set the industry standard with this brand new piece of equipment. Among in-depth details, the specs page boasts: Starting...

Technics7th DJ event at CES 2019 — new product coming?

Much like Bruce Lee on the cover of a martial arts magazine, dropping Technics into a headline on a DJ site is a guaranteed click fest. So you’d think that being in the business of needing eyes on our words, we’d inappropriately crowbar the legendary brand into the most tenuously linked stories. I swear that a ridiculous “five best DJ hats to wear when playing on Technics” listicle would garner serious traffic.But after a...