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REPORT: Mark Zuckerberg Trying To Get Teens Back On Facebook with ‘LOL’ Meme Hub

Mark Zuckerberg will stop at nothing until every individual is on Facebook — or so it seems. According to multiple reports, he’s looking into ways to reel the teens back into his flagship social media platform. They’ve become distracted — even engulfed — in newer, hotter apps like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. He’s simply not having that. Sources close to Facebook say Zuckerberg has spent months building what’s being called LOL. The specialty feed is expected...

#10YearChallenge and the Vestax mixer that never was

My need to comply with whatever the latest “challenge” has been thrown down in social media is nil. I have no desire to post my first and last profile pictures on Facebook, or to tell you what the last thing I ate was and that would be my porn star name (fish pie). But the current #10YearChallenge thing (clearly I’m doing it wrong) got my attention, so I decided it would make a decent...