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Roomy DJ makes your ugly setup living room friendly

I remember the halcyon days of living with my parents with just my DJ gear and a desire to make people dance. It was also a chance for me to flex my fledgling carpentry skills and design a workstation of sorts to sit neatly in the corner of my bedroom, designed with the express intention of providing a place for everything and a workflow to suit my music making aspirations. The saw operator at...

REVIEW: Fonik Audio Innovations Volca stand

LINK: FONIK AUDIO INNOVATIONS | PRICE: £109Whether you have a fully kitted out production studio, or a corner of your room for your music, there’s never enough space for everything. Desk space becomes a premium, and you start the shuffle dance, moving bits on and off, changing cables, dumping gear on shelves. And that’s why verticality is useful for your kit: for a long time, racks and stands have not only helped ergonomic access...