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Electric Radio/standalone


The Denon DJ Prime 4 — cat meet pigeons

Thank God all that teasing nonsense is over. I’ve had the PR for a few days now and ached to show you what I could only guide and hint at. And now you can see what we caused a collective jaw dropping around these parts. The Denon DJ Prime 4 controller is the world’s first four channel standalone controller, a fact that absolutely will have caused a few industry meetings when that teased fact...

NAMM 2019: Denon DJ is such a pic tease

It’s that time of year where the heavy hitters of the DJ industry break out the elbow grease, burn the midnight oil, and generally make sure that their next wave of new shiny is positively gleaming in time for NAMM 2019. And after Technics teased and announced their updated SL-1210 MK7, it’s now the turn of Denon DJ to get gear heads twitching and throwing cash at the screen.Thus here we have a couple...