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Above & Beyond Hint At Return To The Gorge In 2019

In social media, especially at a high level, nothing is done without a reason. So when Above & Beyond posts a picture of their ABGT 250 show from The Gorge in Washington with a caption, “Some grist for the rumour mill! Keep July free,” and a wink emoji, we pay attention. Next to Red Rocks in Colorado, The Gorge is one of the most beautiful concert venues in the entire country. And what a place...

NAMM 2019: Denon DJ is such a pic tease

It’s that time of year where the heavy hitters of the DJ industry break out the elbow grease, burn the midnight oil, and generally make sure that their next wave of new shiny is positively gleaming in time for NAMM 2019. And after Technics teased and announced their updated SL-1210 MK7, it’s now the turn of Denon DJ to get gear heads twitching and throwing cash at the screen.Thus here we have a couple...

TEASER VIDEO: Akai Pro is up to something

Coming up to NAMM 2019, we can expect all manner of PR to land in our inboxes. This week it has been full announcements, but today Akai Pro dropped of a full 7 seconds of animation that says pretty much nothing but “we’ve got something trouser trauma worthy but we’re being really coy about it”.This of course means it’ll get leaked sooner than they’d like, probably sourced from the FCC (they seem to have...