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Ben Haigh

Ben Haigh has been working the London circuit for many years now with one main aim, play to the set time and take people on a journey. Long associated with playing in London bars and clubs, Ben has always looked for a slightly different spin on underground music genres. With a catalogue of music ranging from Indie Disco to Techno, you can be sure his music will fit the event and crowd. Over the last 10...

Aiden Howard

Aiden Howard is a dedicated raver and DJ, he won the Eyecon Dance Academy DJ competition becoming their next resident back in 2006. This was huge for him, being able to represent such a well known and loved brand such as Eyecon at The Dance Academy, Plymouth. Having run his own events supporting the local scene, he has also held residencies for nights such as Premonition, Funkin Fridays, Home and Sequence. Aiden also DJ's regularly for...