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Future Disco has been serving up 21st century disco for dance music enthusiasts for over a decade. Established in 2009, the brand has consistently been at the forefront of emerging trends and introducing the world to a host of future stars with its feel-good, disco-tinged soundtrack.

The bar was set high when the second volume of the Future Disco series won the iTunes album of the year. Since then, Sean Brosnan, A&R and founder, has mixed and produced over 25 compilations, all telling their own story and snapshot of the dancefloor at that given moment. Alongside the releases have been Future Disco’s own dancefloor moments with roadblocked parties popping up everywhere from Amsterdam to Berlin or Ibiza to New York. The once underground dancefloor and inclusive spirit of London’s Future Disco has today gone worldwide.

At its core is the same driving ambition to be a platform for new Disco leaning artists who push boundaries of the genre. The spirit of disco reimagined for a whole new generation of dancers. This isn’t retro, this is 21st Century Disco.

Carly Foxx

Carly Foxx

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