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Kevin McKay, a Scottish DJ, producer, and label owner with a 30-year discography, has marked his name across diverse dance genres. He’s renowned for his chart-topping hits and remixes by A-list DJs, notably revitalizing Pupa Nas-T and Denise Belfon’s “Work,” a 2022 Beatport chart-topper.

Notably, McKay produced every track on Mylo’s platinum album “Destroy Rock & Roll,” spawning multiple top 40 singles. His journey began in Glasgow’s ’90s club scene, inspired by local DJs and eventually founding Muzique Tropique and later Glasgow Underground.

Glasgow Underground thrived, releasing numerous albums and singles, while McKay’s pivotal role extended to discovering talents like Mylo and Grum. He successfully launched Heartbeats for Grum, securing the artist’s global recognition.

Kevin’s return to Glasgow Underground in 2011 revived the label, attracting top-tier talents in the House and Techno scene. His prowess as a producer persists, dominating sales charts and DJ playlists worldwide.

In 2022, Kevin initiated the Superfeel club night in London, spotlighting the label’s local talent. Kevin McKay reached the top of the charts in 2023 for ‘Work’ and ‘Somebody I Use To Know’.