NewsEat, sleep and breathe music? Our take on jumping into the industry & where to start ✅

Eat, sleep and breathe music? Our take on jumping into the industry & where to start ✅

Considering a change of career or working your way up through gigs and putting on your own nights locally?

There’s a lot to mull over before you jump into one of the most demanding fields out there. Let’s break it down together.

First things first – passion. You’ve got to eat, sleep, and breathe music. This gig demands some serious dedication. You’re looking at long hours and hard graft, but if music pumps through your veins, it’ll be your driving force. 

Late nights? No problem when you’re vibing with your passion.

Now, don’t think you can just cruise along with a basic understanding of tunes. You’ve got to be in the loop about the music scene, from trends to top players and all the genres in between. Keep your finger on the pulse, track your favourite artists, and stay tech-savvy to be an ace for your team. 

Yeah, you might love deep bass or have a thing for techno, but hey, open your ears to all the sounds – it’s a musical buffet out there!

Networking time – trust me, it’s your golden ticket. 

Mingle at music haunts or snag part-time gigs that get you close to the action. And those industry contacts? They’re your VIP pass. Hit up events, conferences, and workshops to rub shoulders with the pros. Who you know is key. I’ve seen folks score prime gigs or land jobs just by bumping into the right people. And guess what? Whether you’ve got a 9-to-5 desk job or not, sliding into a networking event after hours is a smart move.

So, you’ve got your eyes set on a role – event planner, promoter, artist wrangler, you name it. Cool, but you’ll need the chops to back it up. Think event planning, marketing, negotiating, and rocking the communication game. Take a peek at what you’re doing now – chances are, your skills can groove right into this world.

Let’s talk about creativity – it’s pure gold here. 

Whether you’re crafting promo materials or conjuring up insane event ideas, flex those creative muscles. Heck, even your personal style can set you apart. Brand yourself and rock it on platforms like Facebook and Instagram – they’re more than just cat meme generators.

But wait, it’s not all about the glitz. 

The devil’s in the details, my friend. Seamless events are made up of a gazillion tiny puzzle pieces – logistics, setups, tech checks. You need eagle eyes for this stuff. And when chaos hits? Quick thinking is your trusty sidekick. Think about those times when life throws curveballs – how’d you handle it?

Communication is lifeblood. 

From artists to clients, you’ve got to talk the talk. Clarity rules the roost, preventing meltdowns and keeping the ship steady. Public speaking nerves? Shake ’em off – practice makes perfect.

Tech time. 

Wrap your head around event software, marketing tools, and all those gizmos the industry swears by. They’ll make your gig smoother than a silk sheet.

Start at the bottom – with entry-level gigs.

Assistant roles, internships – they’re your boot camp. Get your hands dirty and learn the ropes from the ground up. It’s like getting backstage access to the industry’s secret sauce.

Now, here’s the scoop: competition is fierce. 

But armed with the right attitude, skills, and hustle, you can write your success story in this crazy, dynamic realm. It’s a wild ride, my friend – buckle up and let’s make some music magic!

Words: Ben Haigh
Image Credit: DisobeyArt