New Music90’s power-house trance energy: Summit & MKLA team up for Fade Out 🪐

90’s power-house trance energy: Summit & MKLA team up for Fade Out 🪐

They always say every sound comes back around eventually. 

The last time I remember “trance” being really big was around 2005. You know, when Armin and Tiesto played ‘real’ trance, and when tech and electro began to slowly diverge the sound causing controversy amongst the ranks.

For many years the idea of being able to play something anywhere above 130 bpm in a commercial environment, let alone on radio (unless it came in the form of some pop-inspired drum & bass) seemed like a pretty distant world. Even most EDM wasn’t that fast during its hey-day of 2012.

But somehow, that’s now where we are, again.

There’s no avoiding this shift, and with artists like Fred Again and Calvin Harris pushing releases that continue to notch up the BPM – it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

Somewhere in between all of this is John Summit. 

Pushing the boundaries of house, electro, techno and trance, his ‘Off The Grid’ label and own releases manage to blend all the best of these styles together in hugely catchy tracks that just work at clubs and festivals alike.

His last success “Where Are You” with Hayla was an instant hit, and it feels like that’s now been cranked up to the next level – slightly away from the progressive sound and more towards those 90s trance vibes.

Dropped in his recent bank-holiday weekend set at Creamfields, Fade Out feels like we’re taken back in time (at least against the other tracks featured in the set) with elements of house and high-energy eutrophic vibes , all topped off with MKLA’s enchanting vocals.

It’s an easy winner, and another staple in Summit’s collection.

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Words: James John

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