NewsBanned from Ibiza: Misbehaving Brits could be sent home 🚫

Banned from Ibiza: Misbehaving Brits could be sent home 🚫

Tourists could be blacklisted from prime party destinations like Magaluf and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands if they engage in antisocial behaviour The local governments of the Mediterranean archipelago, which includes the islands of Ibiza and Majorca are going over their tourism policies to crack down on tourists’ anti social behaviour.

Warnings have been issued by the Balearic Islands’ new head of tourism that, if rules are broken or crimes are committed, those involved will be sent back home or banned from returning. This comes after 2023 seen over Β£50,000 in fines issued to tourists for breaking the rules.

If travelling to the islands, have a great time but remember to respect the area you visit πŸ™

Words: Tom Nova
Image credit: MDM / The Mirror