NewsNEW in DJ Tech: Pioneer, FL Studio Waves Audio & more 🎧

NEW in DJ Tech: Pioneer, FL Studio Waves Audio & more 🎧

– Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox has expanded its cloud storage support to include Google Drive, previously limited to Dropbox. This enhancement enables users to upload their music libraries to Google Drive.

– FL Studio has introduced a significant beta update featuring AI mastering and stem separation capabilities. These innovations leverage FL Cloud, enabling remote additions of new features and audio content by Image-Line.

– Waves Audio, a renowned plugin company, launched an AI-powered mastering service accessible through web browsers. It utilizes Waves Neural Network technology, making professional music mastering more accessible.

– Serato DJ Pro 3.1 beta has expanded its stem functionality, enabling users to isolate specific elements within mixed tracks.

– AIAIAI has unveiled the world’s first wireless studio monitors, the UNIT-4s, which offer ultra-low-latency and lossless audio through bespoke technology. These speakers provide both wireless and cabled connections for versatile studio use.

Words: Eileen Rooney / Image credit: DJ Mag