NewsAlphaTheta: Pioneer DJ group announce new brand 🎧

AlphaTheta: Pioneer DJ group announce new brand 🎧

Remember when Pioneer DJ switched its name to AlphaTheta Corporation in 2020?Β 

Well, now AlphaTheta is to introduce new products under the latest alias.

It features a diverse portfolio featuring Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, TORAIZ, Pioneer PRO AUDIO, KUVO, and the all-new AlphaTheta brand. Their commitment is to keep crafting top-notch DJ products!

AlphaTheta believes in the power of music to elevate our minds stating “Our goal is to leverage our innovative sound technologies to enhance those peak moments,” 

This launch is extra special as it aligns with the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking CDJ-500, the original DJ Player launched in 1994.

Find out more on the new AlphaTheta website here.

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Words: Eileen Rooney / Image: DJ Mag