TechnologyEuphonia: The new rotary mixer from AlphaTheta

Euphonia: The new rotary mixer from AlphaTheta

AlphaTheta, the sibling brand of Pioneer DJ, has just launched a top-of-the-line four-channel rotary mixer named Euphonia.

Different from the usual mixers associated with Pioneer/AlphaTheta, the euphonia introduces some distinctive features, notably a Rupert Neve Designs (RND) transformer circuit at the output stage. Rupert Neve, an acclaimed engineer, earned a Grammy in 1997 for his renowned Neve preamps and EQs widely used in studios worldwide.

This partnership with RND emphasises the meticulous attention to sound quality in the euphonia, aiming to compete with high-end rotaries like MasterSounds and E&S. 

The transformer subtly enriches the entire frequency spectrum of the final output, specifically tuned for the euphonia.

In contrast to MasterSounds and E&S, AlphaTheta’s rotary mixer integrates both digital and analogue elements. The euphonia boasts a 32-bit ADA converter for its digital FX section, offering effects such as high-pass filter, delay, tape echo, echo verb, reverb, and shimmer. It also provides a send-return option for external effects and a unique Send Boost function for multi-band send FX, allowing for creative sound manipulation.

Each channel on the euphonia includes a standard three-band EQ and send for effects, although there’s no dedicated filter per channel, possibly to avoid additional digital processing. The VU features an “energy visualizer” that merges the output of all four channels into a single readout, with individual coloured needles for each channel.

Priced at £3,249 – it won’t be affordable to all – but for those looking to deliver an enhanced audio experience – it might just be worth the price tag and investment.

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Words: James John / Image Credit: AlphaTheta