NewsSpotify Courses: Trial programme launched in the UK

Spotify Courses: Trial programme launched in the UK

Spotify users in the UK now have access to a fourth category of content called courses which sit alongside its extensive collection of music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The courses cover 4 main topics. Music Production, Getting Creative, Learning Business and Healthy Living.

Currently, this trial is exclusively accessible to users in the UK. 

Both Spotify Free users and Premium subscribers will have the opportunity to sample at least two lessons per course for free before considering the purchase of additional lessons. These additional lessons can be acquired through a dedicated web page.

How can I try it out?

Mobile users in the UK can discover course videos in both the home and browse tabs. 

Upon selection, users can browse through courses across the four categories before making purchases via desktop. Once purchased, these courses will be accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Desktop Users users can visit

Here, they can choose courses of interest and begin learning immediately upon purchase, with the option to watch on either the mobile app or desktop interface.

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Words: Steve John / Image Credit: Spotify / felipepelaquim